Satisfaction questionnaire is an important tool that helps a business or any other authority to realize the satisfaction status of the concerned respondents regarding a particular product, service or any other matter. This kind of questionnaire is also highly productive in improving a method or process by gauging its satisfactory level among its users. Hence, it is essential to frame the document in such a manner so that it interests the respondents to give proper input. To do so, one needs to ascertain that following significant points are well maintained while designing such a questionnaire document.

  • Extensive research is needed to be done on the subject whose satisfaction status is to be measured, prior outlining the questions. This would help the authority to gather response on various aspects.
  • The language used in such a document has to be lucid without being much verbose, so that it encourages the respondent to go through the entire questionnaire and respond the maximum.

Before presenting the questionnaire, the authority must ensure that the questions framed are presented in a chronological order without imparting an effusive look. This is because; a prolix format might lessen the essence of the document and can create scope for errors.