A satisfaction questionnaire form is used by organizations to gather information and consumer’s opinion regarding the overall quality of the services and products offered by them. These questionnaires are a great medium to evaluate their services and products. Since this evaluation is performed by users and customers, so the output specifically defines the areas that need improvement.

Sample Satisfaction Questionnaire Form:

Personal Information

Participant’s Name









Q1How convenient in use are the washing machines of our company?

  • Very convenient
  • Quite convenient
  • Moderately convenient
  • Slightly convenient
  • Not at all convenient

Q2 How efficient do you feel are our washing machines in washing clothes with strains?

  • Very Effective
  • Quite Effective
  • Moderately Effective
  • Slightly Effective
  • Not at all Effective

Q3 Are you satisfied with the shape and size of the washing machines?

  • Completely satisfied
  • Quite satisfied
  • Moderately satisfied
  • Slightly satisfied
  • Not at all satisfied

Q4 Do you feel that the customer care service of our company is satisfactory?

  • Completely satisfactory
  • Quite satisfactory
  • Moderately satisfactory
  • Slightly satisfactory
  • Not at all satisfactory

Q5 How is the performance of our company’s washing machine as compared to our competitors?

  • Completely reasonable
  • Quite reasonable
  • Slightly reasonable
  • Equivalent
  • Slightly worse
  • Quite worse

Q5 How reasonable are the prices of our washing machine range as compared to other competitors of this segment of products?

  • Completely reasonable
  • Quite reasonable
  • Slightly reasonable
  • Equivalent
  • Slightly high

Quite high

Signature of Participant