A satisfaction questionnaire is a specifically designed to collect information pertaining to check satisfaction level among consumers of a particular product or service. These kinds of questionnaires are used by companies to check whether their customers are satisfied with the offered services and products. These questionnaires are also an important means of getting input regarding improvement from the customers.

Sample Satisfaction Questionnaire Example:

Name of the participant _____________________

Address of the participant ______________________

Gender: _____________________

Age: ___________________

Phone: _____________________

Email: ______________________________

Q1. Do you feel that you are attended by the customer care executive of our company?

  • Yes
  • No

Q2. For how long do you need to wait to be attended by the customer care executive of our company?

  • For quite a long time
  • For moderate time
  • For very few time
  • Attended instantly

Q3. Do you feel that customer care executive listen’s to you properly and tries to understand your problem?

  • Yes
  • No

Q4. Did you feel that the customer care executive of our company was eager to help you?

  • Quite eager
  • Very eager
  • Moderately eager
  • Slightly eager
  • Not at all

Q5. How efficient are the customer care executives of our company in helping the customers and solving out there problems?

  • Very efficient
  • Moderately efficient
  • Little efficient
  • Not at all

Q6. How clearly did the information was given to you by the customer care executives of our company?

  • Very clearly
  • Moderately clear
  • Very less clearly
  • Not at all

Q7. How was your overall experience with the customer care of our organization?

  • Completely satisfied
  • Moderately satisfied
  • Slightly satisfied
  • Not at all satisfied