SAP HR evaluations are based on management of an organization’s human resource. SAP HR management deals with implementations regarding human resources, reporting on human resources selection of an organization’s personnel, as well as administration, management of the organization, implementation of time-bound strategies, management of payroll, employee benefits, drawing up of human resource configuration tables, training of employees online, quality assurance in terms of SAP HR, as well as how to transfer human resource data to the cost and financial accounting departments. Given below is a good sample of the SAP HR questionnaire. The questions will vary depending on the organization in question.

Sample SAP HR Questionnaire

1. What is internal recruitment? _________________________

2. State the relevance of “P” and “AP” with reference to internal recruitment in an organization______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

3. What problems will an organization generally face during the time of posting various results to FICO? ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

4. What is your understanding of a controlling area, what is its function and how it is assigned in any given organization? __________________________________________


5. (a) In your own opinion, why should an organization create a symbolic account? _____


(b) What is the transaction code for the symbolic code created by an organization? ___


(c) Can one symbolic account be assigned to multiple wage accounts? _____________

6. In the context of SAP HR, what is report variant as regards off cycle activities? ______

_______________________________________. What should be done in this step?

7. In case an organization such as ours intends to create multiple positions, what appropriate tools or methods can be used to avoid errors as a result of creating the positions manually?