Travel questionnaires are common use in the travel industry, where stakeholders use them to gauge how well travelers received the services offered during their journey.  The same can also be used to get data regarding a traveler, which is vital for use during emergencies. This includes the person’s name, his/her daytime contacts, name and contact of friends or relatives or his personal physician. Other questions in the survey form usually include reason for travel, expected place of stay as well as any contact that the traveler may have in his/her travel destination. Usually, the person is required to answer some health questions. Below is a sample:

Name: ___________________________________________________________

Age: ____________________________________________________________

Place of residence: _________________________________________________________________

Travel destination: _________________________________________________________________

Expected date of departure: _________________________________________________________________

Expected return date: _________________________________________________________________

Reason for travel: _________________________________________________________________

Q1. Where will you stay? (Tick one)

With a friend?

In paid for accommodation?

I am yet to know?

Other (specify) _____________

Q2.  If using paid-for accommodation, what type is it?


Bed and breakfast?



Rented villa/flat/house?

Q3. Which of the below age groups do you fall under? (Tick one)

Below 20 years of  age

20-30 years

30-40 years

40-50 years

More than 50 years

Q4. What modes of transport to you expect to use while on holiday? (Tick one)




Combination (specify) ______________

Q5. You are travelling for:



Other reasons

(Specify) _____________

Thank you for answers.