Sample Survey questionnaires are questionnaires written for the purpose of finding out particular information from people. Questions in this type of questionnaire are mainly open ended to avoid limiting the response one gets from the people the questionnaire is designed for. Sample Survey Questionnaires can be given in several circumstances for example in a College department to find out whether the services rendered to students are satisfactory and within the guidelines of the policies of the school.

Sample Survey Questionnaire for the School of Business

Year of Study ______________

Department   _______________

Lecturer       _________________________________

1.What are the best qualities that you have noted in the School of Business?



2.What would you say needs most improvement in the School of Business?



3.(i) Do you think that the school has enough teaching staff?

(ii) Kindly explain your answer above.



(iii)What should be done to improve communication between the students and lecturer as a means to facilitate learning?


4.  Please answer yes or no to the following questions:

  1. i.      At this point in your course, have you learnt anything that will/is contribute towards    your career?
  1. ii.      Do you think the school of Business offers relevant financial aid to its students?
  1. iii.      If your answer is ‘no’ in the above question, kindly give suggestions for improvement


6. What role do you think the alumni of the school should play, that they are not?


7. Would you recommend this school to another person?


Kindly explain your answer.



9. Which is the household’s main source of information?