The construction of a questionnaire determines just how well the objectives of a survey will be met. A good questionnaire is made up of statistically useful questions, which when analyzed, will give the researcher the desired data.  The phrasing of the questions mainly depends on whether the researcher intends to get quantities or qualitative data from the exercise. Other factors that affect the success of a questionnaire are order of the questions, question formats and irrelevant questions. Overall, the questions contained in a questionnaire should be relevant to the research objectives and should be in line with expected responses in order to ensure easier interpretation.


1) Define your reading habits


2.Do you use library services either in your community or in your institution?

If yes, please state your reasons_____________________

3) How would you rate library services in your community/institution?

Very satisfying

Moderately satisfying


4) Would you propose any changes in how services are offered in the library? ____

If yes, please specify the proposed changes


5) Was the assisting staff in the library helpful? ___________

6) Did they respond to your queries in good time? _____________

7) Give your opinion regarding the library’s hours of operation


Should be extended

The library should operate on a 24 hour basis

8 )  Have you ever needed to use the library just to find it closed?



If yes, what did you do?

Waited till the next day

Went to another library

Did nothing

9) State any suggestions on how library services can be improved