Sample questionnaire customer satisfaction surveys are questionnaires used to find out customers opinion on the services or products provided by a company. The questions are usually both structured and open ended to allow for maximum provision of feedback. Sample questionnaire customer satisfaction survey questionnaires are usually a good way of analyzing progress and pointing out areas of improvement in the company’s services. Clients are often encouraged to be truthful and especially filling a customer satisfaction survey questionnaire which gives better feedback than face-to-face interviews. Below is a sample questionnaire customer satisfaction survey questionnaire that can be used by various firms, institutions and businesses that have a direct contact with their clients.

Sample Questionnaire Customer Satisfaction Survey

Name of Organization _______________________________________________

Name of person filling the questionnaire _________________________________

Address and Contacts incase of further questions and clarifications ___________________________________________________________________

1.How would you rate the services provided below? ( Kindly choose one option – Bad, Not Bad, Average, Good,  Excellent)

Bad   Not Bad     Average Good  Excellent

Locating products on shelves     _____   ______      ________   _____   _______

Processing discount coupons      _____    ______    _________   _____   _______

Packaging and payment process _____    _______   _________   _____ _______

2.Please rate your satisfaction on the services provided below: ( very dissatisfying , dissatisfying, Neutral, very satisfying, extremely satisfying)

Calculators on trolleys______    __________     __________   _________   _____-

After sale service ________   ___________    ___________   ________   ______

Packaging style ________    __________   ____________   ________   ________

3.Do you think you find a variety of items and services in the stores when shopping? __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

4.(i) What is the most satisfying thing about shopping in the stores? ____________________________________________________________


(ii) Kindly explain your answer above.