A sample marketing questionnaire is an example of a questionnaire on marketing. Marketing has many different aspects and it is without doubt one of the things to consider when starting a business. Marketing questionnaires are tools used to collect data from people regarding marketing. These include issues like what product to introduce, how to advertise and competition. The answers obtained from marketing questionnaires are used in making informed decisions when it comes to marketing in an organization. A sample marketing questionnaire acts as a guideline of how marketing questionnaires are written. Below is a sample.

Sample marketing questionnaire on the effect of advertising on marketing

Rate your basic source of information from 1-5, 1 representing the source of information that you least use and 5 representing the one that you use mostly.

______ Newspapers

______ Radio

______ Books

______ Television

______ Internet

______ Other

How did you learn about our products and services?

From the media___________

From a friend/relative______

Do you think our advertisements capture the best qualities of our products and services?


Which method of advertising do you think our organization should use that we have not used and you think will be effective in improvement of marketing?


If you were new to our products, would our advertisements be able to convince you to buy them?

Yes _______    No __________

What is your impression of our advertisements? (You can tick more than one option)

____ Funny

____ Informative

____ Enticing

____ Short

____ Long

____ Interesting