A sample love questionnaire is mainly found on dating websites or social networking websites that have gained popularity in the past decade of the increase in the use of the Internet.  A sample love questionnaire is filled by people who are interested in finding love on these dating sites or social networking sites. They ask questions that assist the site in matching those that want to find love with the right people. Sample love questionnaires are filled online by the prospective members of these sites or by people who are already members and want to find love.

Surname                                Middle Name                                First Name

____________                    _______________                   ________________




Male ____             female _____

Email address




Am looking for a —–

Man ______
Woman _____

Both   _____

Who are interested in ______?

A relationship _____

Marriage _____

When was the last time you were in a serious relationship?


How long did it last?


What was the reason for your breakup?


Give a brief description of the person that you would like to meet for the purpose of love?


Give a brief description of yourself.


(Please give either ‘yes or no’ for the following questions)

Would you consider having a long distance relationship?


Are you physically disabled?


Would you be willing to submit a photo for your profile on this website?


Are you a member of this website?


Have you subscribed to another online dating website apart from this one?