An interview questionnaire is meant to gauge a person’s skills, knowledge and abilities before he or she can be considered for a job. More recently, behavioral questions have been incorporated in such questionnaires for purposes of predicting how a person will behave during his working period in an organization. Such questions gauge the person’s level of commitment, motivation, attitudes towards work and ability to work with other employees for the benefit of the organization. Since all applicants for the job are asked the same standardized questions, the interviewer is able to compare the answers provided by the respondents. A respondent with the most impressive answer usually gets the job.



Position Applied for ___________________________

Q1.  What are your qualifications and how are they relevant with the position you have applied for?

Q2.  Do you have any related work experience? How long was the experience?

Q3. Why do you want this position?

Q4. Why did you leave your previous employer? Was your contract settled when you left?

Q5. What assurance do we have that you won’t take off just after we train you for the job?

Q6.  What skills or abilities do you have? How are they relevant with our work here?

Q7. What are some of the previous achievements you have had in your previous jobs?

Q8. What are your remuneration expectations?

Q9. Do you believe in value-for-work kind of remuneration? Give reasons

Q10. How do you handle colleagues at work?

Q11. What do you like most about our organization?

Q12. Have you taken time to look at our organization website?

Q13. Have you read about our corporate policy?