HR questionnaires are designed to help organizations gauge their HR practices. This in turn helps them define how well their employees feel appreciated for the work they do for the organization. From the survey carried out using such questionnaires, the organization can remedy some of the weak areas in employee handling, thereby increasing the chances of employee retention. As most employers already know, the cost of hiring and training can be high if employee turnover is high. Besides, in the competitive employment sector, there are numerous organizations looking for the best talent. If therefore an employee is not sufficiently motivated or his/her contribution appreciated, he/she will find an alternative job sooner or later.


(Simple YES or NO answers are required for this section)

1. Do you have a policy for assisting employees on personal issues that may affect their performance at work? _________

2. Do you evaluate field employees on a regular basis? ________

3. Do you find it necessary to communicate with the employees issues such as future work prospects, success and failure of the company? _________

4. Do you have a pay-for-performance policy that rewards good performing employees? _________

5. Does the organization have a new employee orientation program? _________

6. Do you encourage your employees to give their opinions or suggestions on how their performance can be improved? _________

7. Do you conduct surveys to compare how your compensation policies fair against your competitors’? _________

8. Are unskilled employees in your organization encouraged to take up training? _________

9. Do supervisors in your organization have regular training? _________

10. Do your employees benefit from group benefit programs? _________