The obvious reason why fun questionnaires are used for research purposes is simply to ensure that respondents have an easy time answering the questions. Often, fun questionnaires can be long, but since they succeed in capturing the respondent’s attention, he/she will answer them without complaining about spending too much time on the same. With the increased use of the World Wide Web, fun questionnaires are available as one of the way young and the old alike can kill boredom on the Internet. Often fun questionnaires fail the logic test. However, since they are meant to bring a smile on the respondent’s face, logic does not really need apply.

Sample Fun Questionnaire

1.      Why did they have to make the boxing ring square? ___________

2.      Would it not be easier for our pronunciation if the “s” in the word “crisps” was not there? ___________

3.      I agree that quizzes are meant to be quizzical. But tell me, what are tests meant to be? ___________

4.      Is the alphabet all in need to know to pass the literacy mark? ___________

5.      Why do professionals such as lawyers, doctors or veterinarians call their work “practice”? Does it mean they never practiced enough in school? ___________

6.      If I run away from home and my parents offered a reward for anyone who brought me back home, would I get the reward if I went back voluntarily? ___________

7.      Since Donald Duck does not wear pants on his TV appearances, why then does he have to wrap himself in a towel when coming from the shower? ___________

8.      If ignorance is bliss, why are ignorant people so misinformed? ___________

9.      If there is a way where there is a will, why didn’t my dead grandfather leave me one? Or it was his selfish way of denying me a way? ___________