A financial questionnaire can be used for a number of purposes. First, it can be used to gauge the spending habits in an institution and secondly, it can be used to gauge whether the expenditure in an institution is justified. In most companies, the accounting and marketing departments are always at loggerheads because on one hand the accounting department feels that marketing department is using too much money, while on the other hand people in marketing feel that the accounting department hinders their marketing activities by restricting monies that they should use. To solve this mistrust among the two departments, a financial questionnaire can be used. Below is a sample:

Sample Financial Questionnaire for Marketers in XYZ Company

Name: _________________________________________________________

Employment Number: ____________________________________________

1.Do you think the marketing department is allotted enough funds to promote the services and products effectively? ___________

If not, have you ever raised the issue with you department superiors? _______

If so, did you notice any increase in monies allotted to your department? ________

2.What do you spend the bulk of the money allotted to you for marketing purposes on?

a.       Transport

b.      Phone calls when on the field

c.       Other (Specify)_________

3.Can you justify spending the money in the named activity in (2) above?


4.What do you think would change if more money was added for your department use?


5.Do you think we would see an increase in sales, product awareness, and a greater product acceptance in the market if the budget for marketing would be increased?

(Please justify your answer)



6.How much time do you think the changes in (5) above would take to be realized?


7.You realize that making profits requires the expenditure to be below the revenue we make in this organization. Do you think your department would be attaining more sales with an increased budget? (Justify your answer) _________________________________________________________