The feedback questionnaire is used is used to assess the a business or an organization’s influence or effectiveness on its customers. The primary objective of such a questionnaire is to allow a business organization to come to terms with its relative influence or effectiveness on its target market. With the data collected from such surveys, a business organization is then able to formulate effective ways through which it can reach its target market more effectively. Through the questionnaire, a business is also able to process feedback, understand the consequences of its current business activities and identify business areas that need to be changed in order to improve performance.

Below is a sample.

Q1. How is our customer service?

?Very good



Q2. Does the marketing team act like professionals?



Q3. How would you rate our packaging on product B?




Q4.  Which of our products do you like and use most?

?The shampoo

?The bar soap

?The utensil cleaning gel

?Other (please specify) _____________

Q5. Do you have any suggested improvements for any of our products? _______

If yes, please specify__________________

Q6. How do you like purchasing our products?

?In bulk

?Single pieces

?Just when I need them

Q7. Have you ever failed to get our products in any of the departmental stores in the country? __________

If yes, specify the location

Q8. Apart from our products, what other products do you purchase to serve the same purposes as ours? __________

Why do you purchase such?

Q9. List any other features that you would like to see in our services or products