Business questionnaires are used by researchers to gauge how a business measures up in its preferred market segment. They are also used to determine whether the business is balanced or not. More to this, the questionnaire can pinpoint areas where the business is doing well, while also pointing to areas where the business is losing income. Data gathered from surveys where the business questionnaires are administered is then used for re-planning and re-strategizing the business. The questionnaires gauge the level of strategy or mission in the business, strengths and weaknesses in the marketing department, employee effectiveness, financial management, employee satisfaction and the viability of systems and processes used in the organization.

Below is a sample:



(Use numbers 1, 2, 3, and 4 to provide answers to these questions, whereby 1 signifies a strong disagreement with the stated, while 4 suggests that you strongly agree with the stated)

1.The directors of this company have a clear vision of the short and long-term goals of the organization __________

2.The business plan in this organization is followed in the day to day running of the organization___________

3.The business is headed to the direction intended since its very inception_______

4.The business has performance indicators used to gauge business performance____

5.Profitability in the business steadily increases annually_____

6.The sales team forecasts sales and ensures that set targets are met____

7.The organizations carry out extensive consumer education to inform them of  our products_______

8.Every employee in our organization knows the unique selling point of our products or services and therefore serves as a brand ambassador_______

9.Every one of our employees is well remunerated and therefore enjoys his/her work________

  1. Every employee is accountable for what he or she does in the business________