A sales tax questionnaire is one that is filed by business owners for assessment of the total sales tax for the financial year. This questionnaire is issued by the sales tax department and required to be filled in by the business owner without fail every year. The sales tax department requires this questionnaire in order to make assessment of the amount of variation in sales tax by each business from one year to another.

Sample Sales tax questionnaire

Name of the business company – __________________________________

Registered office address – __________________________________

Sales tax registration number – __________________________________

Contact number of office – __________________________________

Email address of company – __________________________________

Business registration number – __________________________________

1. Please provide the kind of company you run business with according to the following options?

a. Sole proprietor

b. Partnership

c. Limited company

d. Others Pl specify ________________

2. Please describe the type of business run by your company from the following options?

a. Product sale

b. Services provided

3. Please describe briefly the kind of product or services provided by your company?


4. Please provide the annual profit that was generated by your company in the previous year?


5. What is the rate of sales tax that was paid by your company in the previous year?


6. Is there an increase in the annual profits for this year generated by your company?


7. Is there an increase in the sales tax paid by your company based on the increase in annual profit generated by your company?


8. Does your company file its sales tax returns on its own or hires a consultant for the same?

a. Files on its own

b. Hires a chartered accountant

9. Is your company compliant with the various sales tax rules and regulations when filing the returns and payment of sales tax as well?

a. Yes

b. No