A sales interview questionnaire is used to gauge the ability of prospective salespersons to perform sales for any given organization. Since the sales job requires an aggressive and dedicated person, the questions should touch on all aspects of the job, including expected remuneration, targets sales variations in the job and so on. The interviewees have to understand the questions easily in order to respond to them well. As such, the sales interview questionnaire should be styled in very simple and concise language. Most importantly, the questions asked should be related to the nature of job the sales person will be involved in. Below is a sample.

1. Tell the organization more about yourself

2. What are your aspirations as a human being and perhaps as a sales person?

3. Have you ever worked as a salesperson before?

4. If your answer in (3) above is yes, what organizations have you worked for previously?




5. What are your objectives and goals in the sales job? Please explain briefly.

6. How do you anticipate achieving the objectives you have mentioned?

7. How do you assess your success?

8. Describe any situation in the past in which you have considered yourself successful.

9. What accomplishments have significantly added impetus to your satisfaction in work life?

10. If you were to live in the past again, what aspects of the sales job would you change or want to have changed?

11. Briefly describe events that motivate and inspire you.