A salary research questionnaire is a programmed set of research quires framed as a survey to gather the genuine feedback on the salary satisfaction and expectations of an individual. Such a questionnaire helps the concerned organisation to know the factors that will help to enhance the satisfaction level of the individuals with respect to their salary structure.

Sample Salary Research Questionnaire:

Name of the research coordinator: _______________

Name of the department: ______________________

Date: ___/___/___

Q1. Discuss the objectives of this salary research questionnaire?


Q2. What is the importance of this salary research questionnaire?


Q3. Choose the type of the industry used for consulting this salary research questionnaire?

  • Automotive Industry
  • Engineering Industry
  • Airlines Industry
  • Construction industry
  • Medical industry

Q4. Specify the designations chosen for commencing this questionnaire?

  • CEO
  • CCO
  • General Manager Level
  • Managerial level
  • Senior executive designations
  • Executives
  • Others, please mention: _____________

Q5. What mode of communication is finalized for collecting sufficient data to accomplish the salary research questionnaire module?

  • Internet
  • Face-to-face interviews
  • Surveys & internet polls
  • Previous records
  • Others please write: ________________

Q6. What type of industry is considered for this salary research questionnaire?

  • Private
  • Government
  • Public sector

Q7. Choose the most powerful attribute going to be considered seriously for evaluating the recorded feedback?

  • Employee job satisfaction
  • Professional skills
  • Educational qualifications
  • Available career opportunities

Q8. This salary research questionnaire is helpful for:

  • Employers
  • Employees
  • Both of them

Q9. How does the outcome of this salary research questionnaire going to help the concerned industry?


Q10. Would you like to mention more about this salary research survey?