A risk tolerance questionnaire is used by different financial companies and banks to determine whether their customers are willing to take risk or not. In case the customers are willing to take risk, the  questionnaire helps to find out that what is the degree of that risk they are willing to take.  All these data are used to prepare the reports which are studied by the banks and other financial institutes in order to come up with various financial policies.

Risk Tolerance Questionnaire Sample

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Q1. What is your attitude towards investing money?

a. You don’t want to lose any of your principal amount because you believe that is the biggest loss

b.You want to put more money on the fixed deposit accounts as they are relatively safe

c. Stocks may give you a better return in future but since you are uncertain about future you will like to focus on the present more

d.You will always like to invest money on the companies which are not doing too well right now but has good prospects of growth as that gives a an opportunity to gain money

Q2. Which statement below describes your pattern of investment portfolio the best?

a. Your main concern is always your income

b. Your main aim is always growth

c. Your main aim is both income and growth

Q3. How much risk do you think you can take?

a. You love taking risk

b. You like to go for a mixture of risk and caution

c. You hate taking risks completely