Risk profile questionnaire are a set of questions which are prepared to help investors scrutinize their options before they finally invest into some project, shares or other financial transaction. Most usually it is used to help buyers so that they check on their own before buying any shares from the stock exchange.

Risk Profile Questionnaire Sample

Name:               __________________________________________________________________

Address:        __________________________________________________________________

___________________ Postcode:   _____________________________.

Phone:               ____________________               Email:               _______________________

  1. Which one of the following describes you the best?
    1. Single with no/few financial burdens and ready to invest money
    2. Couple with children and dependents with mortgages under control
    3. Couple with children and dependents with not much financial security
    4. Aged people dependent on pensions
  1. What is the major objective behind your investment?
    1. To assure wealth gain in long term
    2. To fortify my financial security
    3. To ensure a steady stream of income
  1. How long had you been investing
    1. This is the first time
    2. 0-3 years
    3. More than 3 years
  1. In case your share value gives negative returns over a period of time, you would
    1. Withdraw money from my investment
    2. Wait till recover the loss and then withdraw money
    3. Withdraw part and invest in alternative strategies
    4. Invest more as the market has become cheap.
  1. Do you prefer long term benefits over short term losses?
    1. Yes I do.
    2. No
    3. Can’t say
    4. Have you ever borrowed money to make investment?
      1. No but I am willing
      2. No and I will not
      3. Yes and I would again
      4. Yes but I would not borrow again.