Retail market research questionnaire is a well drafted document pertaining to questions regarding the retail segment. Its main purpose of execution is to find out the details from consumers about their retail purchases and factors influencing them and their views and opinions about their retailer.

Sample retail market research questionnaire

  1. First name ______________ middle name _________________ last name ______________
  2. Age ______________
  3. Sex _________________
  4. Occupation __________________
  5. Contact number __________________
  6. Permanent address _____________________
  7. e-mail address  ________________________
  8. Approximately how many times did you shop for electronic items in the last year ______________
  9. Approximately how much did you spend on your purchases of electronic items?

a)   Less than 30,000

b)   Less than 70,000

c)   Less than 1,00,000

d)   1,00,000-2,00,000

e)   2,00,000-5,00,000

f)    More than 5,00,000

  1. What was the last item purchased by any member of your family?

a)   Television

b)   Refrigerator

c)   Telephone

d)   Computer

e)   Laptop

f)    Mobile phone

g)   I-pad

h)   Microwave oven

i)     OTG

  1. What was the price of the latest article purchased _______________________
  2. How many times did you visit the retailer ____________________
  3. How many hours did you spend with your retailer ___________________
  4. How many different brands did you check before making the final purchase ______________
  1. Purpose of purchase

a)   Gift to someone outside your household

b)   Gift to someone in your household

c)    To be used by the family members

d)   For personal use

e)   Others

  1. How many times have you purchased this product during the last 10 years _________________