A retail customer feedback questionnaire is a kind of a survey questionnaire which is drafted with the aim of getting opinions of the retail customers about a particular retail shop/store/outlet or showroom. The questions in the questionnaires are asked to get an unbiased and honest opinion of the customers and then the responses are evaluated to come to a common conclusion about the general thinking. These questionnaires help to improve performance by working on customer complaints. Given below is a sample of a retail customer feedback questionnaire.

Sample Retail Customer Feedback Questionnaire:

Name of the retail store:

Location of retail store:

Name of the customer:

Age of the customer


Contact number of the customer:

Do you live in the neighborhood: ____________ [yes/no?]

Are you married: _______________ [yes/no?]

Number of children: ____________________

Kindly answer all the questions given below to help us serve you better:

Q1. How would you rate the level or standard of products offered by us?

a) Poor

b) Average

c) Good

d) Excellent

Q2. How would you rate the assistance and help of our staff?

a) The staff was not really helpful

b) There wasn’t much staff to ask for help or assistance

c) The staff was extremely helpful

d) Other( please specify)

Q3. What are your opinions about the cleanliness and hygiene conditions of the store?

a) Dirty

b) Acceptable but needs improvement

c) Clean and tidy

d) Extremely spotless and hygienic

Q4. What do you have to say about the variety of products and services offered by us?

a) I couldn’t find what I was looking for

b) Good collection and variety

c) There was more than required variety of products

d) Other( please specify)

Q5. What do you have to say about the pricing of items?

a) Under priced

b) Fairly prices

c) Over priced

Q6. Would you like to add something?