A restaurant research questionnaire is an inquisition format that sought for answers related to the status and performance of a restaurant by researching on its various aspects.  The questionnaire must include every aspect of the restaurant research project that would eventually help in bringing out the details of a particular restaurant or a chain of restaurants or of the restaurant market as a whole. Thus, this kind of questionnaire must be framed by keeping in mind the purpose and/ or area of research.

Sample Restaurant Research Questionnaire:

Name of Restaurant: ____________________________________________

Unique Code of Restaurant Identity: _____________________

Established on: ___ ___/ ___ ___/ ___ ___ ___ ___

Address: ______________________________________________________________________

Contact Details: ______________________

Name of owner(s): __________________________________

Contact Number: ______________________

Name of main branch/Head office: _________________________________________

Postal address: _________________________________________________________________

Contact number: _____________________

  1. What was the objective of setting up this restaurant in this area?


  1. Why is this particular research being conducted?


  1. What are the specialties of this restaurant? Mention the areas it particularly excels in.



  1. How is the quality of food prepared and served in this restaurant?
  • Excellent
  • Good
  • Standard
  • Poor

Kindly explain your answer in a few words: _______________________________________


  1. What would you say regarding the ambience of this restaurant?


  1. How would you rate the following aspects, with reference to conclusions specific to the research done, on a scale of 5?

[1 – Outstanding; 2 – Very Good; 3 – Satisfactory; 4 – Can be improved; 5 – Poor]

  • Service to customers: _______
  • No. of employees: ________
  • Furnishings: _________
  • Complete look of the restaurant: _______
  • Cost and its suitability: ________
  1. What would you infer from the restaurant research?


  1. Do you have any suggestions for the restaurant’s improvement?
  •  Yes
  •  No

If your answer is yes, kindly state them here: