A restaurant education questionnaire can be an effective tool to know if people are aware of the safety and hygienic practises to be maintained in a restaurant. A restaurant has many areas which have to looked after, but a restaurant education questionnaire helps to know the eating habits of people and how much they spend or what food they select at a restaurant and if the restaurant takes into account allergies etc of the customer.

Sample Restaurant Education Questionnaire:

Name: _______________________

Address: ___________

Phone Number: ________________

Email ID: ___________

Date of Birth: _________

Gender: ___________

1)   How many times a week do you eat at a restaurant?

a)   Once a week

b)   Less than once a week

c)   Twice a week

d)   More than twice a week

2)   What meal do you usually eat when you go to a restaurant?

a)   Breakfast

b)   Lunch

c)   Dinner

3)   How do you choose which restaurant to eat at?

a)   Reviews and recommendation

b)   Previous experience

c)   Prices

d)   Quality

e)   Location

f)    Others

4)   How much do you spend on eating out per week?

a)   Less than $20

b)   $20-40

c)   Above $40

5)   What would make you go to a new restaurant?

6)   What challenges do you face when you go to eat at a restaurant?

a)   Choosing a meal

b)   Any personal food allergy

c)   Price

d)   Lack of communication

7)   If you have any food allergy, what do you do at a restaurant and whom do you talk to about it?

8)   How often have you been ill by eating at a restaurant?