A restaurant customer feedback questionnaire is a type of a questionnaire which is used by restaurant authorities to get feedback of their customers about the services, food, ambience, quality etc of the restaurant. These questionnaires are effective to let the restaurant know the point of view of the majority of the customers and they can hence bring about required changes and improvements for better response and customer satisfaction. There can be both subjective and objective type questions in such questionnaires. Given below is one such sample of a restaurant customer feedback questionnaire.

Sample Restaurant Customer Feedback Questionnaire:

Name of the customer:

Age of the customer:


Contact information of the customer:

Marital status:

Birthday date:

Name of the restaurant:

Please help us by giving your valuable opinion on the following given questions. It will take just a few minutes.

Q1. How would you rate the food quality offered by our restaurant?

a) Poor and needs improvement

b) Average, could be better

c) Good, I like it

d) Excellent

Q2. What do you have to say about the variety of cuisines and food items served here?

a) Poor

b) Average, you should include more items

c) Good

d) Excellent variety

Q3. What do you have to say about the services provided to you by the staff?

a) Poor, the staff was unavailable for help most of the times

b) Average

c) Good

d) Excellent and hospitable

Q4. How would you rate the ambience of the restaurant?

a) Needs improvement

b) Decent

c) Good

d) Lovely ambience and lighting

Q5. What are your views about the pricing of the food and drinks?

a) Under priced

b) Fairly priced

c) Over priced

Q6. Which according to you is the best dish offered by this restaurant?


Q7. Would you like to visit again?

a) Yes

b) No