A residential travel questionnaire is one that is obtained from one who travel from house to another destination namely office. This questionnaire helps to understand the distance that exists between the home and residence apart from the inclination of the person to choose mode of transport to travel.

Sample Residential travel questionnaire

Name of the respondent – __________________________

Address – __________________________

Contact number – __________________________

Email id – __________________________

1. Please specify your gender as given below here?

a. Male

b. Female

2. Please specify your age according to the factors given here below?

a. 18 – 25 years

b. 26 – 33 years

c. 34 – 41 years

d. Above 42 years

3. Are you suffering from any kind of physical disability?

a. Yes

b. No

4. What do you think is the importance of choosing a proper residential travel mode?

a. Organized travel

b. Timely travel

c. Affordable travel

d. All the above

5. What is the mode of transport you usually choose to travel from residence?

a. Personal car

b. Shared vehicle

c. Public transport

d. Walk

6. Please specify the distance between your work place and residence as per time slots given below here?

a. 15 minutes

b. 15-30 minutes

c. 30-45 minutes

d. More than 1 hour

7. Please describe why you prefer the mode of transport you prefer to travel?


8. What features do you usually keep in mind when choosing a particular transport mode to travel from home to office?

a. Reliability

b. Affordability

c. Safety

d. Convenience

9. How do other members of your travel to school or work place?

a. Public transport

b. School transport

c. Car

d. Walk

10. What are the things you think can encourage you to make use of alternative modes of transport as against the one that you are making use of right now?

a. Cheaper transport mechanism

b. Faster transport mechanism

c. Cleaner transport mechanism

d. Easily accessible transport mechanism