The research report questionnaire aims to identify the various reporting guidelines of research. This type of questionnaire helps in identifying whether the reporting guidelines have been followed or not. It also helps in identifying the failures in maintaining the standards and how a research report can be improved. The research report questionnaire is normally filled by a researcher.

Research Report Questionnaire Sample

Name of the Researcher: ____________________________________

Are of research: ____________________________________________

Type of research: ___________________________________________

Age: __________  Sex: ___________  Marital Status: _______________

Address: ___________________________________________________

City: ________________ State: ______________  Zip: ______________

Telephone: ____________________  Email: ________________________

Q1. Which of the following have been taken into consideration for conducting a research?

a)   Importance of the research

b)   Importance of good reporting

c)   Evidence of bad reporting

d)   Improvements towards creating good report

e)   Following reporting guidelines

f)    Publication of research report

Q2. Do you follow reporting guidelines in all your researches?

a)   Yes

b)   No

Q3. Do you find any difficulty in specific areas of research reporting? If yes, please specify

a)   Yes

b)   No

c)   Reporting problems: ___________________________________________

Q4. How important is it to have good research reporting?

a)   Extremely Important

b)   Important

c)   Not as important

d)   Somewhat important

Q5. Which of the following areas do you feel needs to be looked into for creating good research report?

a)   Establishing need for well-defined reporting standards

b)   Gathering standards developed by other related groups and organizations

c)   Drafting a set of standards for research reports

d)   Sharing the drafted research report standards with others

e)   Refining the report standards on a regular basis

f)    Addressing any unresolved issues in reporting standards

Q6. Which of the following is a must in every research report?

a)   Title

b)   Abstract

c)   Introduction

d)   Method

e)   Inclusion and Exclusions

f)    Analysis

g)   Procedures

h)   Results

i)     Discussion