A research questionnaire template, as the name depicts, is a ready to use questionnaire consisting of different questions in order to record the feedback of the people. This complied feedback data help a particular government or a private company to research & locate certain consumer problems and help to implement the powerful result- oriented policies for the same.

Sample Research Questionnaire template

Name: __________________ [name of the questionnaire participant]

E-mail id: ________________ [mail id of the participant]

Date: ___/____/____ [date of filling the questionnaire]

Q1. How many types of research questionnaires have you filled on cosmetic range till the date?

  • More than 1
  • More than 3
  • More than 5
  • More than the above mentioned [participant will choose the appropriate answer]

Q2. How do you like our cosmetic products?

  • Excellent
  • Very good
  • Satisfactory
  • Not good [participant will mark this answer to show his/ her satisfaction level]

Q3. Why do you like our cosmetic products?

  • Due to superior quality
  • Good quantity
  • Pocket friendly prices
  • Others please specify: ________________ [the answer is marked by the participant after evaluating the product traits]

Q4. Help us to know the current condition of our cosmetic products in the market?

  • Very good
  • Good
  • Average
  • Poor [participant will give use his knowledge and overview to answer this question]

Q5. Have you ever complained against any kind of skin problem due to our products?

  • Yes
  • No [here, the participant will answer by revising the issues happened due to the use of cosmetic products]

Q6. How do you rate your overall consumption experience with our brand?

_____________________ [participant will answer by sharing his/ her overall consumption experience with a particular brand]

Q7. Kindly give us more information to help us to improve our products and services.

_____________________ [participant has to answer this theoretical question by writing his/ her genuine suggestions]