A research project questionnaire is a document which is provided by a team of selectors or a panel of selectors to a researcher in order to extricate information about the project. This not only allows the interviewers to understand the nature of the project but it will also help the researcher in getting to the core of his project and explaining the pith of it to his panelists. A research project questionnaire must be clear and concise and only relevant questions must be asked in such documents. The questions must also be relevant to the research project and should address both issues about content as well as funds, resources, and impact of the project.

Sample Research Project Questionnaire:

Name of researcher: __________________________________

Name of research project: __________________________________

Date of submission of research project: ______________________________

Q1. What were the motivations behind you choosing this topic for your research project?


Q2. What were the primary resources that you surveyed while completing your research project?

  • Mainly books and libraries
  • Private collections
  • Online databases and archives
  • Institutional resources

Q3. What kind of impact do you think this research project will have? Would you consider it as transcending the academic and having real, tangible social impacts?


Q4. Where did you obtain funding for your research project?


Q5. Are you satisfied with your research project and the experience you gained while completing it?

  • Yes, I am thoroughly satisfied
  • No, I feel more work could have been done on the project

Q6. Would you like to briefly state your objectives through the research project in a few words?