A relationship satisfaction questionnaire is a tool to judge whether the persons involved in any relationship are at all happy and at peace in the relationship or not.

A set of questions is good enough to check the viability and fulfilment of any relationship.

Sample Relationship Satisfaction Questionnaire

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Age: __________________

Contact Details: ______________________________

Please mark the options correctly:

Q1. Are you happy in the relationship?

  1. absolutely, without a doubt
  2. no , I feel stuck in a mess
  3. thing are alright now, but I fear of a mishap soon

Q2. Do you get mental satisfaction in the relationship?

  1. this relationship gives me immense mental satisfaction
  2. this relationship kills me from inside everyday
  3. sometimes I find solace in the relation but sometimes it gets on my nerves

Q3.Does your wavelength match with the person/s involved in the relation?

  1. yes, my level of connection is fabulous in the relationship
  2. my wavelength is not matching recently, earlier it was not so
  3. my wavelength never matches at all

Q4. Do you enjoy the ups and downs in your relationship?

  1. I thoroughly enjoy the highs and lows , it is a part of any relationship
  2. No, I do not enjoy them as it bitters up the relation
  3. Like it or not, I have to tackle the ups and down

Q5. Do you have any grudges in the relation whatsoever?

  1. I have no grudges at all, I am completely at peace in the relationship
  2. I have lots of grudges which have remained unsolved
  3. There will be grudges but  we have to move on keeping them aside