A receptionist plays an important role in an office. They are the first source of contact for the clients and the guests of the organization. Thus, is necessary to choose an ideal candidate for this position after proper evaluation and so it is necessary for a candidate to take a receptionist interview questionnaire.

The questionnaire contains a set of questions that help to evaluate whether the candidate has needed qualities for this position.

Sample Receptionist Interview Questionnaire

Name of candidate: ________________

Position applied for: Receptionist

Educational qualification: _______________

Date of birth: ___________

Residential address; ____________________________

Residential contact number: ________________

Mobile phone number: _______________

E mail id: ____________

1. What makes you apply for the position of a receptionist?


2. What are your career objectives?


3. What do you know about our organization?


4. Do you have previous working experience as a receptionist?

a) Yes, I have

b) No, I don’t have

5. What were your job functions previously as a receptionist?


6. Do you have any experience of handling confidential information of the organization?

a) Yes, I have handled

b) No, I have not handled

7. Are you organized as a person?

a) Yes, I am organized

b) I am somewhat organized

c) No, I am not organized at all

8. It is necessary for a receptionist to possess excellent communication skills. How good are your communication skills?

a) Excellent

b) Good

c) Somewhat good

d) Bad

9. Do you have good telephonic skills?

a) Yes, I have good telephonic skills

b) My telephonic skills are average

c) No, my telephonic skills are bad

10. What are the various telecommunication systems that you are familiar with?


11. How would you greet the guests visiting the office?


12. Give a brief description of your computer knowledge?