Real Estate Market Survey Questionnaire is developed in order to provide an overview of market performance, sales transactions, and challenges for the current economy along with expectations for the future.  Real Estate Market Survey Questionnaire also gives us an idea about the definition of the market, demands of customers, supply analysis, comparison of demands and supply and also about the property productivity.

Real Estate Market Survey Questionnaire Sample



Years of experience in the field:


  • Are you associated with any real estate company?

a)      Yes                        b) No               c) Was associated in the past and not now

  • What are your ideas about the current real estate market?


  • What do you think about the market outlook for the next two years?


  • Which is the type of marketing that interest you the most and which are the ones you frequently notice?

a)      Newspaper ads      b) Websites     c) Magazines   d) If others please specify_________


  • Will you be interested in a marketing program that requires you to go to the retail location?

a)      Sure                       b)Not at all                  c)Sometimes   


  • What do you think people expect from a new home?


  • Which are the locations you think are mostly preferred by people while looking for a new home?

a)      Near shopping malls          b) Near hillside

c)  Near lake-view units          d) Please specify if others __________________________


  • Are there any obstacles in today’s market? If yes what are they?


  • What do you think is the most important for people who buy a home in today’s market?

a)      Price          b) Comfort      c) Security     


  • Would you look for a new construction if you were to look for a new home?

a)      Yes            b) No                And please specify the reason_____________


  • What do you think makes a real estate agent successful?

a)      Experience and knowledge                                   b) Education

c)      Good contact base and communication skills       d) All the options


  • How do you obtain your clients and how do you communicate with your clients?

a)      Mail ads                            b) Newspapers                       

c) Company or friend referral    d) if others please specify____________