Real estate market survey questionnaire is one in which feedback is obtained from various people involved in the real estate industry. The primary objective of the questionnaire is to understand the perception about real estate market from the ones who are actually involved in it. Apart from this the questionnaire is also useful for assessing market trends in correlation to the real estate economy as well.

Sample Real estate market survey questionnaire

Name of the real estate company – ________________________________

Address of the company – ________________________________

Contact number of the real estate company – ________________________________

Email address of the company – ________________________________

1. What are the various kinds of the real estate transactions that your company deals in?

a. Residential

b. Commercial

c. Public projects

d. Real estate agency only

2. Do you think that the mortgage interest rate impacts the real estate market in any way?

a. Yes it affects adversely

b. No it does not affect

c. Cannot say definitely

3. What do you think are the major trials that every real estate company has to face when transacting in the real estate market?

a. Differential price of buy and sell

b. Working capital

c. Rise in cost of raw materials unexpectedly

d. International influence

4. Which type of real estate is having the maximum demand right now according to you?

a. Domestic

b. Commercial shops

c. Commercial office space

d. Cannot tell precisely

5. Do you see a rise in the real estate demand in the next six months to one year time frame?

a. Yes

b. No

6. Do you think the demand and supply is appropriately matched right now in the market?

a. Yes it is perfectly matched

b. No demand is more

c. No supply is more

d. It is difficult to assess

7. Which segment of real estate demand has your company catered to the maximum in the previous financial year?

a. Residential

b. Commercial

c. Public projects

d. All of the above averagely