A real estate investment questionnaire is a questionnaire which consists of questions that are based upon real estate related investment. Such questionnaires are drafted to be used for evaluation of opinions of investors who have put their money in real estate. The questionnaires may consist either of subjective type or objective type questions or both.

Real Estate Investment Questionnaire Sample:

Name of the respondent: ____________________

Age of the respondent: ________________

Gender: _______________________

Contact information of the respondent:

Contact number: __________________

Email address: ______________________

Address: __________________________

Have you ever invested in real estate? _______________________________

Kindly answer the following questions which are based upon real estate investments

Q1. How many times have you invested in real estate?

a)   Once

b)   1-5 times

c)   5-10 times

d)   More than 10 times

Q2. How beneficial do you think it is to invest in real estate?


Q3. What are the problems faced by you while investing in a real estate property or project?


Q4. Have you suffered more loss than profit?

a)   Yes

b)   No

Q5. What is the motivation behind investing in real estate?


Q6. How is real estate more productive than any other investment field?


Q7. What are the factors which you keep in mind before selecting a real estate property?

a)   Location

b)   History

c)   Ownership

d)   Beauty

e)   Other reason

Q8. What is the profit margin on an average in a real estate property?


Q9. Do you think that you are willing to continue investing in this market?

a)   Yes

b)   No