A real estate career questionnaire is a document that is ideal for individuals who wish to pursue a career in the field of real estate. The questionnaire helps them to assess whether a career in real estate would be appropriate for them. The questions in the questionnaire are based on various factors of real estate business and understanding of the individual in those factors.

Sample Real Estate Career Questionnaire

Name: ________________

Address:  Street address ________________ City name ___________________ State ______________ Post code _____________

Landline contact number: _____________

Cell phone number: _______________

Email id: ____________

1. What is your educational qualification?


2.  Do you have any educational qualification or training related to the field of real estate?

a)  Yes, I have

b)  No, I don’t have

3.  If the answer to the above question is yes, please specify?


4.   In which job position do you aspire to work in the field of real estate?


5.  Do you feel that you have good knowledge in the field of real estate to start a career in it?

a)  Yes, I strongly feel

b)  I have some knowledge

c)  No, I don’t have any knowledge at all

6.  What are the various kinds of real estate types that you are aware of?


7.  Do you possess strong negotiation skills?

a)  Yes, I possess

b)  I somewhat possess

c)  No, I don’t possess

8.  Do you have the ability to travel at site for work purpose?

a)  Yes, I have the ability

b)  No, I don’t have the ability

9.  Do you possess excellent communication skills?

a)  Yes, I have strong communication skills

b)  No, my communication skills are weak

10.  How do you feel the real estate industry can be improved?


11.  According to you what are the plus points of making a career in real estate?