Reactive attachment disorder is mainly exhibited by children who have suffered abusive behaviour or harsh treatment in the past. This may temporarily or permanently scar the mental capabilities of a child. To determine whether the child is suffering from any such problems, Reactive attachment disorder questionnaire is used.

This questionnaire can be prepared by compiling relevant questions concerning the social and mental behaviour of a child. Such a sample questionnaire is given below.

Sample Reactive Attachment Disorder Questionnaire

Please answer the following questions in ‘Yes’ or ‘No’:-

1)   Does the child act cute or innocent even when he or she has been caught red handed doing something very bad? _________

2)   Does the child become overtly friendly to strangers and tries to draw their attention? ___________

3)   Does he argue baselessly for a very long period of time? _________

4)   Does he steals from his peers or brings home that do not belong to him and is unable to provide a proper explanation to how he got hold of those items? ___________

5)   Is your child a big bully and cruel to other children of his age? ________

6)   Does your child avoids social contact or is unable to hold a friendship longer than a week? ________

7)   Does your child have odd eating habits like eating toothpaste, spices, paper and mixes for various dishes? ___________

8)   Was your child adopted or has he spent more than first eighteen months of his life in an orphanage? _____________

If the answer to more than five questions is ‘Yes’, then the child undoubtedly requires professional help so that proper diagnosis of the disorder can be carried out.