Passengers who have availed the railway service are required to fill up the rail travel questionnaire. It is designed such that it brings out the highlights of the railway service and its drawbacks too. It will help to correct the shortcomings of the service and work for its betterment.

Sample Rail Travel Questionnaire

Personal Details:

Name: __________________________________

Age: ________________ Gender: Male / Female

Date: _______________ Time: _____________________

Please answer the following questions in brief.

1. Is this your first trip via the railways? ______________________________________

2. If not then which railway service have you availed previously? __________________

3. Which is the railway service of your personal choice? _________________________

4. The reservation agent, who interacted with you, could provide accurate and precise information about the fares? ______________________________________________

5. Were the fare rates provided by the agent accurate? ___________________________

6. What was the arrival time of the Train? _____________________________________

7. Did it arrive on right time? _______________________________________________

8. If not then when did it arrive? How late was it? ______________________________

9. How are the on board facilities (like food, water) of the train? _____________________________________________________________________

10. Was travelling via this railway service safe? ___________________________________

11. Where there enough guards on the train? ____________________________________

12. How else you could have you make this journey? _____________________________________________________________________

13. Then why did you choose the train over the other mode of transport? _____________________________________________________________________

14. What is the purpose of your trip? Explain in brief. ____________________________


15. What were the aspects with which you were satisfied with the railway services? _____________________________________________________________________

16. Which aspects left you the most dissatisfied? ________________________________