Questionnaires are a very effective and useful tool when conducting market research for a particular product or service of a company. Before a product is launched or to know the opinions of the people about existing products, companies often conduct market research which gives them an insight about what the consumers think and prefer.

Market research is necessary as it helps companies to know where they stand in the market, how popular their product is, are its consumers loyal to the brands, is the price of the product suitable, which consumers are more likely to buy their product, what features are consumers looking for in the products, what changes should they be making in order to address the complaints of the customers and so on. This shows how important is market research for the success of any product or service and for the company’s over-all sales.

While creating a question for market research, the following points should be kept in mind:

  • Objective: First decide what information you are looking for and set a goal for the survey. For example, is this questionnaire going to help you know about the spending habits of people living in the city or have you prepared the questionnaire to know about the consumer’s feedback regarding a particular product or service.
  • Structure: Make the structure of the survey very systematic and organized so that people find it easier to answer the questions. Write instructions for filling up the questionnaire in the beginning and give an introduction about the survey. Make categories and use formats like multiple choice questions, ratings scale or affirmative and negative answers. Also leave space for the
  • Simplicity: Keep the questions to the point and simple and do not make the questionnaire unnecessarily long. They should follow a logical order from the general to the specific.
  • Questions: Choose the right kind of questions that will help you get the information you want. The profile of the respondent is very important because questions on things like his age, sex, city and income show his preferences and ability of buying any product, which is an important aspect to be considered by any company. Also don’t ask questions that don’t let the consumer have any option of giving any negative answer. You are looking to get the honest opinion of the consumer and that will help you make your products and services better.
  • Rating scale: If you are using a ratings scale for the consumer’s opinion on a product have the same scale, such as 1-5 instead of changing it to 1-10 in the next questions. You can also use adjectives like Excellent, Good, Fair, Bad and so on to get a more detailed opinion.
  • Testing: A questionnaire used for market research is very important and so before you use it for the entire sample test it on 10-15 people before using it in the market. This will help you modify certain questions or understand if there are any parts that need to be changes. Also leave options so that people can write their comments and suggestions.