Questionnaires are a cost effective and reliable way of gathering information and data for analysis.  They can be effectively used only when they are written and formulated well.  After setting out with a fixed goal the most important factor concerning questionnaires is the writing.

It is best to use simple and colloquial language while writing a questionnaire as it is meant for different kinds of respondents.  It is good to start with a small introduction about the questionnaire and what you expect from the respondent.

Where demographics are important, you can ask for the person’s name, gender, age, place, etc.  The questions must be specific with distinct choices, so that the reader can choose without getting confused.

Phrasing your questions well is important, as it must not have any biased overtones or negative connotations.  Both can affect and influence the respondent’s choice.  So, it is important to frame unambiguous and unbiased questions.  Also, it is best to avoid extreme absolutes like, always, never, all, everybody, nobody etc.

Use short and clear questions to make them more understandable.  Follow a logical sequence.  Last but not the least, avoid spelling and grammatical mistakes.