Questionnaires are created in order to get responses from people regarding a particular topic, product or service either through phone, paper or the internet. All online questionnaires and soft copies involve the use of a questionnaire software which enables the creation of questions systematically by following certain instructions and format. The result is a more professional looking and organized questionnaire which people find easy to fill up. Questionnaire software also helps the creator of the questionnaire to easily and automatically calculate the results of the survey.

There are many programs that can be created to make a questionnaire and besides that there are other options available where one can buy or download software which are specifically designed to create questionnaires to suit one’s purpose. The most common ones are listed below:

  • Microsoft Word: This is a word processor created by Microsoft which is a component of the Microsoft Office software system. Almost all computers have Word or a variation of Word and these documents can be used for typing in the necessary questions and create a basic questionnaire. There are many formatting options available to make the questionnaire look more attractive and systematic.
  • Microsoft Excel: This is another component of the Microsoft software system and is also a popular way of creating a questionnaire. The ‘Developer’ tab has text boxes, check boxes etc where you can add user input. The controls can be configured to enter the data by typing them in a spreadsheet cell. After that, the cells can be sorted, filtered and the ‘LinkedCell’ property can be used for each control to enter information in a cell you choose automatically.
  • Tally sheets: These are another popular way of finding out the results of the questionnaires. Once the questionnaire is made on paper or through a computer program, they are sent to the respondents who answer the questions and give them back. Now these results are calculated through a spreadsheet program in tally sheets where each page in divided into columns for every answer by labeling the columns with answers. The formulae can be entered in the cell to add and calculate the results and a final report can be written.
  • Websites: There are some websites which have an in-built software that users can use to create any questionnaire they want. There are many options and formats available where the users can feed in their questions and then forward it to others who can then answer the questions. The answers get recorded automatically and the results are also easily calculated. There are many websites which offer such software either free of charge or which only require registration of contact details.
  • Others: There are some websites like Zoomerang and Instant Survey which have software that allow you to import your questionnaire created in Word into the website. There is a ‘Create survey’ tab, followed by ‘Import survey from text’ tab or ‘Create survey from scratch’ tab. All you need to do is copy paste the questionnaire from Word to the website and give a title. Follow the instructions accordingly.