A questionnaire is composed of many structures and unstructured questions. These questions help to collect data about a certain product, service etc. The questions play a vital role in the questionnaire; hence these questions must be strategically designed. While designing a questionnaire, questions must be designed in such a way that these questions become a translation of the information that is intended to be gathered from the questionnaire.

Sample Questionnaire Questions Format:

Name: ____________________________ [Name of the participant]

Address: __________________________ [Home Address of the participant]

Gender: _____________________ [Gender of the participant (M/F)]

Age: ___________________ [Age of the participant]

Phone: _____________________ [Phone number of the participant]

Email: ______________________________ [Email Address of the participant]

First Question: [ The first question in any questionnaire must check that how much knowledge the participant possesses about the topic, product or service being surveyed by the questionnaire. These questions can be How do you know about this product/service, or Do you use this product/service. ]

Second Question: [The second question must deal with consumer’s satisfaction level about the product, the likeability or usability of the product/service among the consumers. Here you can frame the questions like How often do you use this product or What is your satisfaction rating for this product.]

Third question: [The third category of questions should focus on getting detailed viewpoint of consumer about the product or service. In this section the questions like How likely do you recommend our product to a friend or colleague or What changes do you want in this product/ service can be used.]

Fourth Question: [The fourth category can be either used to locate the target audience or to check the brand popularity or can ask unstructured questions on improvement of products and services. The questions in these sections can then be developed by once deciding the specific motive of this category.]

Other Questions: [Depending upon the requirements, other questions are framed]