Questionnaires are used to collect data about a particular product , service or any other factor. You can collect information from many people at a time which can be evaluated easily using tabulation and conversations.

Before making a questionnaire you have to be clear in your mind about the purpose of making the questionnaire. Sometimes too many questions can mislead the targets. Also it consumes a lot of time for evaluation and analysis. You should stick to your goal while writing the questions and be specific and pragmatic.

You can make a rough note of all the things you are expecting from a questionnaire. Give choices, options and time to think for the consumers. Avoid long and complex sentences.

Questions related to private life of people should not be included. Think about the input you want, the reason for it and how it can be obtained. Recheck the questions to find out mistakes in grammar or spellings. Give it for proof reading to your seniors and do the necessary corrections.

Include the important questions at the top of the list as most of the consumers will not answer all the questions. Even though the questionnaire is half done still it gives lot of useful information.