Qualifying leadership questionnaires are helpful to understand and evaluate the skills and leadership qualities of a candidate in a quantifying manner. Such questionnaires are not only important for the hiring organisation but for the candidate as well.

Sample Quantifying Leadership Questionnaire:

Name: _____________________

Previous Job Designation: _________

Experience (in years): ____________

What do you think about leadership?


How do you define your leadership qualities?


Name the five factors important in leadership?


Do you have any experience of leadership?

  • Yes
  • No
  • Not sure

How do you motivate your colleges and subordinates towards their assigned targets?

  • talk to them
  • Give them new and innovative ideas
  • Instruct them strictly
  • No idea

According to you, what is the best method to lead the team in an effective manner?

  • Daily Discussion and meetings to know about their pending targets
  • Help them to understand the work more easily.
  • Order them to complete targets within the deadline
  • Not sure

If you have just faced a negative feedback of your team, what will be your reaction?

  • Get angry & defensive
  • Think about the reasons behind it
  • Feel disappointed
  • No idea as to how will I react.

How will you help a weak member in your team?

  • Make him understand the job politely
  • Try to focus on his weakness & sort them out
  • Tell some team member to help him in his routine work
  • Shift him to some other department
  • Will depend upon the situation