A qualitative research questionnaire is beneficial to the concerned person as it has the primary objective of the purpose of a particular research. It aims at assessing the capacity of a probable researcher to do relevant qualitative analysis in a specific field. The qualitative research questionnaire is beneficial in the manner that it encompasses the elements of theoretical postmortem of a situation/even/case forming the basis of deep quantitative research and more perfect interpretation.

Qualitative research questionnaire sample:

Name: ___________________

Email: __________________

Phone no: _____________________

Contact address: _______________________


Q1. Please tell about the methods you will employ to gather information/data for the research.

  1. Field notes
  2. Participant observations
  3. Structured interviews
  4. Public records
  5. Any other (please mention ____________ )

Q2. Please write three advantages of qualitative research over quantitative research.


Q3. What do you mean by focus groups in qualitative research?


Q4. Write 2 methods about ways to select the focus groups.


Q5. Please mark the option that you prefer to practice during the qualitative analysis of the data.

  1. Simple theoretical interpretation
  2. Coding
  3. Method of recursive abstraction
  4. Content analysis
  5. Any other (please mention _________ )

Q6. What can be the problems of qualitative research?


Q7. How will you overcome or minimize the problems? Explain in short.


Q8. Do you consider integrating the elements of classical/modern philosophy into the framework of qualitative analysis is necessary?

  1. Yes
  2. No

Q9. Please explain in brief the reason behind your response in the previous question.