A psychology career questionnaire is a document containing a set of questions in order to assess whether an individual is suitable to make a career in the field of psychology.  It helps to know whether the skills possessed by the individual matches up with the requirements of a psychology job. The questions are based on the understanding and interest of the individual about human behavior and other related field. The questionnaire is an ideal way of making the right career decision and also chose the field of psychology that would be suitable for him.

Sample Psychology Career Questionnaire

Name: _________________

Correspondence address: _________________________

Cell phone number: _____________

Mobile phone number: _____________

Email id: _______________

1.  What is your educational qualification?


2.  What made you interested of a career in the field of psychology?


3.  What makes you feel that you are suitable to pursue a career in the field of psychology?


4.  How good are you at understanding human behavior?

a)  I am very good

b)  I am somewhat good

c)  I am not good at all

5.  Do you feel that you have excellent listening skills?

a)  I strongly feel

b)  I do feel

c)  I don’t feel at all

6.  Do you enjoy working with people in order to help them overcome their problems?

a)  I do enjoy a lot

b)  I don’t enjoy at all

7.  Do you think that you have the ability to solve practical problems?

a)  Yes, I have the ability

b)  No, I don’t have the ability

8.  Are you very judgmental in nature?

a)  Yes, I am very judgmental

b)  Somewhat

c)  No

9.  Can you give solutions to emotional problems of an individual?

a)  Yes, I can

b)  No, I can’t

10.  In which field of psychology are you most interested?