A product satisfaction questionnaire is a vital tool to measure the satisfaction level of consumers based on the product appearance, performance and effectiveness. This results of these questionnaires help to improve the product quality and output. Such a questionnaire is prepared by the experts from an organization.

Sample Product Satisfaction Questionnaire:

Name: _____________________

Date of Birth: ____/____/____

Street Address: ____________ City: ___________, State: ___________, PIN: _____________

Working Phone Number: ______________

Email Address: _____________________

Q1: How do you rate your satisfaction level with this hand care product?

  • Outstanding
  • Very satisfactory
  • Satisfactory
  • Somewhat satisfactory

Q2: How long have you been using our hand care products?

  • More than five months
  • More than a year
  • More than two years
  • More than four years

Q3: How do you state your experience with our hand car product in comparison with your previous product brands? Please explain in two lines?


Q4: How did you find our product in terms of performance?


Q5: Do you think the price of this product is satisfactory?

  • Yes. I do
  • No
  • I don’t think so

Q6: Is the information mentioned over the packaging of the product satisfactory to educate the customers?

  • Yes
  • No
  • Not sure

Q7: Do you think the product appearance is attractive in order to grab the attention of consumers?

  • Very attractive
  • Attractive
  • No much attractive

Q8: Would you like to see any changes or improvements in this product so as to enhance your satisfaction level?