The most important factor for any company is to promote its products amongst the target audience. Many companies carry out a survey related to the products which they are going to manufacture. For that they appoint marketing managers who prepare product questionnaire.

The ultimate aim of these questionnaires is to find out the demand of that particular product in the particular area where it has to be distributed. After finding out the feasibility of the product the company can start manufacturing the products. The data collected in this type of questionnaire should give information about the subjects such as number of buyers, is there any other company manufacturing the same product with less price and the buying habits of people.

The questions should be short and easy to answer. They can be related to the age, sex, location, affinity towards particular brand and needs of a consumer. Your goal should be to advertise your products and find out the viability of your product.

If you have already introduced a product you can include such questions which will give you the reviews of consumers. You can ask them to give grades or ask for any change they want in the existing product.

You can also conduct the survey online as most people prefer to answer the questions online. It gives maximum participation.