A product quality questionnaire is a well drafted document which is executed to measure the quality of the product. This questionnaire is directly fetched to the customers for recording the collective feedback in order to prepare the new strategies for improving the product quality to meet the satisfactory level of consumers. A product quality questionnaire can be sent online by e-mail or manually after purchasing a particular product to provide feedback based on the consumption experience.

Sample Product Quality Questionnaire:

First Name: ___________Middle Name: ____________ last Name: __________

Age: ____________________

Address: ________________

Phone Number: ____________

Email id: __________________

Q1: What do you understand from word “quality”?


Q2: According to you, how does the product quality play an important role for selling a product?


Q3: How would you rate the quality of our cosmetic products?

  • Excellent
  • Very good
  • Good
  • Dissatisfactory

Q4: Which of the following mentioned options define your strategy to evaluate the product quality?

  • Performance
  • Easily availability
  • Quantity
  • Durability
  • Others, ______________

Q5: According to you, which of the given options should be improved for quality development?

  • Product availability
  • Presentation
  • Delivery services
  • Product performance

Q6: Do you think that our products are better than the others available in the market? State a reason for your answer?


Q7: Do you refer our product to your friends and social circle on the basis of quality?

  • Yes
  • No
  • Not much

Q8: Would you like to see any changes in the quality of our product?