While promoting new merchandise, marketing experts first experiment it with a certain audience. A product promotion questionnaire gives a method for marketers to recognize when to commence, modify present ideas. It also provides information regarding the marketing strategies employed by the company to popularise the product launched. It must also bring forth the target audience’s interests in the product.

Sample Product Promotion Questionnaire

Company Name:


Telephone number: Fax:



1. Give a brief description of the new merchandise.

2. What shall be the target age group of the product users?

a. 10 – 20

b. 20 – 30

c. 30 – 45

d. 45 upwards

3. What marketing strategies shall be employed for the product’s promotion?

4. What types of enterprises or individuals do you propose to contact for the promotion of your product. ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

5. Have you had such a promotional event in any other markets? If yes, please give us your ideas on what made it a success.

6. How do you consider this product to be better than the ones already available in the market? ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

7. Which section of the media shall be employed to promote this product?

a. Print media (newspapers, magazines etc)

b. Visual media (Television as in advertisements)

c. Radio commercials

8. Is your product aimed at a certain section of the audience? If yes please specify

a. yes (____________________________)

b. no

9. How has the audience reacted to your product promotions conducted so far?

a. Satisfactorily

b. Pretty good

c. Poorly

d. Very poorly